2019 China-CEECsEducators Leadership Program (CCELP)

I. Program Objective

Withthe aim to enhance the leadership capacity of educators of China and Centraland Eastern European countries, the program will invite educational officials,leaders from universities and research institutes of 16 CEECs to China for tendays to understand China’s overall development in the past 40 years especiallythe reform and development in education. Through meeting with Chineseeducational administrative departments, different kinds of educationalinstitutions in different levels, having in-depth dialogue with Chineseeducation experts, the leaders from both sides will gain better and morecomprehensive understanding of policies and practices of educational reform anddevelopment in China and CEECs. The program also provides valuableopportunities for Chinese and CEECs education leaders to forge new network andstrengthen existing cooperation between China and CEECs.

II.Program Information


October14th to 23rd, 2019 (10days)


Theprogram invites 2 representatives from each of 16 CEECs, including Albania,Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary,Latvia, Lithuania, The Republic of North Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland,Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. Altogether 32 representatives will beinvited in 2019.

Candidate Selection Criteria:

1)    Seniorofficials from central or local educational administrative departments (Deputy-Directorlevel or above), rectors or vice-rectors of universities, leaders fromeducational research institutions;

2)    Demonstratesstrong interests and friendship to China. With willingness to promote practicaleducational cooperation and exchanges between two countries;

3)    Demonstratesoutstanding professional leadership. Has established track record of notable professionalaccomplishments;

4)    Withquality and thoughtful objective of visit and the ability to communicatefluently in English;

5)    Provenability to submit a quality summary report with suggestions of futurecooperation;

6)    Displaysthe passion and commitment to potential higher-level educational cooperationand achievements of going forward.

Recommendation Guidelines:

2 candidates from each country will be recommendedby their educational administrative departments or their embassy to China. Therecommendation will be sent to Chinese embassies or consulates in 16 CEECs. Finalconfirmation will be released by China Education Association for InternationalExchange (CEAIE)  by July 31st, 2019.

Time of recommendation:

May17th  to July 15th, 2019


Theprogram covers the expenses in China including accommodation, transportation,insurance and related visit fees.

III.Program Design

Duringthe 10 days’ visit, the educational officials and leaders will attend seminarsin Beijing with topics of Chinese politics, economy, culture and education.They will visit educational administrative departments, universities andinstitutions. After then, they will start their visit in Chongqing. The 10-dayvisit will enable them to have a broader and deeper understanding of China'spolitics, economy, culture and educational reform and development. The visitwill further promote the educational cooperation between China and CEECs in thefuture. For visiting details, please refer to the agenda attached.

IV.Contact Information

Contacts:Wang Ying, Fu Bo

Tel:86-010-66416080-8015, 8071


Email:  wangying@ceaie.edu.cn, fubo@ceaie.edu.cn






Visit Agenda


Oct. 14


Arrival and airport  pick up

Check in Hotel and attend welcome reception


Oct. 15


Morning: Seminar

Afternoon: Visit

(Ministry of Education, China )


Oct. 16


Morning: Seminar

Afternoon: Visit  (University/Institution )


Oct. 17


Morning: Seminar

Afternoon: Visit  (University/Institution )


Oct. 18


Morning: Attend China Annual Conference for International Education

Afternoon: Culture Visit (Great Wall)


Oct. 19


Beijing – Chongqing


Oct. 20


Culture Visit


Oct. 21


Visit (University/Institution)


Oct. 22


Closing Seminar


Oct. 23


Departure from Chongqing